Board and Officers

Dr. John A. Wolfe | email

Thomas Hobson Williams | email                         

Eric Birk, FAGO | email

Maria Rayzwasser | email

Gary Di Franco | email

Executive Board

Class of 2019:
Keith Bigger
Nick Martellacci

Class of 2020:
Anthony Labella
Kurleigh Lowe, CAGO
Rasaan Bourke

Class of 2021:
Robert Frisby
Samuel Kuffuor
Phillip Lamb

2018 Election Results

Dean (one year term): Dr. John A. Wolfe

Sub-Dean (one year term): Thomas Hobson Williams

Registrar (one year term): Gary Di Franco

Secretary (one year term): Maria Rayzvasser

Treasurer (one year term): Eric Birk

Class of 2020 (two year term): Rasaan Bourke

Class of 2021 (three year terms): Robert Frisby, Samuel Kuffuor, Phillip Lamb

If you have any questions about the election process or results, please feel free to contact Chapter Dean John A. Wolfe via email.


Thank you very much this year's Nominating Committee, consisting of Jared Lamenzo, Nick Martellacci and Bruce Oelschlager, and to Gary Di Franco for his additional assistance.  Thank you also to all those who voted in this year's election and expressed confidence in this slate.  We'll be working hard to bring you another great program year!