The Brooklyn Chapter of the AGO maintains a list of its members willing to serve as substitutes.  This list is maintained on behalf of Brooklyn Chapter AGO members available to substitute as a service and courtesy to those seeking organists. It contains information which has been self-identified by those who have chosen to be included in this roster.  The information has not been confirmed by the Brooklyn AGO, nor is the Brooklyn AGO able to ensure that the individual is appropriate for any particular situation. Only members in good standing in the Brooklyn AGO are included on this list.

Don Barnum (summer Sunday AM only) | (917) 689-2953 | email

Samantha Bassler | (570) 594-1066 | email

Rasaan Bourke | (646) 318-6714 | email

John Collis (no Sunday AM) | (718) 797-5473 |  email

Gary Di Franco | (917) 626-7760 | email

Nicholas Martellacci (no Sunday AM) | (718) 624-5665 | email

Maria Rayzwasser (no Sunday AM) | (347) 598-4571 | email

Alex Violette | (718) 873-5912 | email

Robert Vogel | (917) 242-6745 | email

Thomas Hobson Williams | (404) 403-7492 | email

John A. Wolfe (no Sunday AM) | (717) 253-2886 | email

Ellen Wright | (917) 693-7158 | email

For inquiries, please contact John A. Wolfe, whose information is in the substitute list above.  Employers and job seekers are invited to post and search listings of available positions on the Guild’s national website.